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Chairman’s Message

The ISSO is an Organization set up with the aim of maintaining the Unitary Status of our country

The ISSO is an Organization set up with the aim of maintaining the Unitary Status of our country as a developed country and to propagate the values of Peace,Justice and equality locally and internationally. This is the challenge that the Organization has taken to forge ahead by introducing projects to serve the needy through various programmes. To achieve these targets our Organization is well geared to take the leadership at all times to serve the masses in every sphere. From my younger days I was I had a liking to serve the community in whatever possible way.  This thought led me to commence the “All Religious Friendly Foundation” in the year 1991 at present the Organization has gained international recognition and was compelled register the Foundation as a Non profitable Charitable Organization under as International Social Services Organization to continue with our Social Service projects.

Terrorism in the country was led by a highly organized group for three decades
devastated lives of all Communities, economy and also the environment to great extents are factors known to all in this country. At a time the country was taking steps towards developing the country with many projects had to be called off due to this terror acts which caused great hardships to public shattering all their dreams. People were living in fear of their lives and were completely unaware of their future.  This most threatening terror period not only destroyed the infrastructure but also took away thousands of lives lost irrespective their race, community or caste.

At a time Authorities were taking stern action to control the ethnic war was people were trying all efforts to uplift their living standards. But in 2004 December26, dashed all hopes of Lankan people when the most devastating natural Disaster the Tsunami struck the coastal belt of the island killing thousands of lives and destroying houses causing the worst ever damage to these areas. With loss of life of parents, children and relatives many were displaced and needed help for their survival as many of them were left without shelter over their heads. Our Organization at that time took the leadership to serve these people for their survival by donating material needed for day to day lives and also took steps to building houses, renovating of damaged houses, helping schoolchildren by way of donating their needs to continue their studies. All these programmers were done on to show the Organization commitment towards the Community who were faced with difficulties due to natural disasters.

The community that faced two major setbacks due to the ethnic war and the
Tsunami were in on the move to rebuild their lives but once it was another natural disaster the drought brought in 2015 put a halt to their redevelopment process.

Our country which is self-sufficient in food was badly hit by this drought which also saw the economy fall and a food shortage due to this hard hit drought. The agriculture sector which played a role for our economy too took a downward trend causing immense hardships to farming community. It effected the education of the children of farmer families in serious a way showing a threat to their studies.

While the drought brought the financial difficulties to farmer families they also had to face the threat of deceases that spread in these areas mainly due to the severe drought. Farmer community that helps the country to maintain a steady food production when facing such difficulties it becomes a duty of all to look for their grievances.

In the past our country was considered as country minus natural disasters and war situations, but at present it has taken a different turn with many disasters occurring in the country. The people who were badly affected by 30 year war and 2004 Tsunami gradually establishing their normal live but again their efforts were shattered with an unexpected Flood that ruined most parts of our country. This flood was the worst that the country experience after long period of 27 years. This destroyed resulted in the famer community losing their crops and also heavy floods displaced the farmer community from dwellings were washed away. The loss of crops and damages caused to this community saw the drop in their income and they children were on the verge of halting their education as the parents could not afford the expenses needed for education. ISSO launched a project with the aim of helping those affected by floods to uplift the standard of living.

A community living in a nation which is in the process of developing when faced with unexpected natural disasters our Organization has been in the forefront with assistance to serve the needy. To achieve these successes our Organization received assistance from various Govt. Institutions, Private Institutes, Individuals, Foreign Organizations/Individuals Social Workers and local Philanthropists. If not for their co- operation the masses would not have had to face grievous situations.
I take this opportunity to thank all those who co-operated with ISSO in delivering the needs to our own people to come up in their lives and live to be worthy citizens of our motherland. I also wish all Individuals good health and all success in their future endeavors.

I expect all who love humanity to come forward to be part of our Organization to serve the needy whenever need arises. I especially have to note that and mention that foreign Donors too helped the ISSO whenever the need arose to activate 0ur projects to serve people distress. Hope the Foreign donors will be come forward in the future too to our Organization ISSO.

Thank You

Janaranjana Deshamaanya

Pradeep Abeywickrama

Chairman/Director General

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