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Health Services

Eye Clinics

Through this programme steps were taken to donate spectacles after testing them by qualified personnel, some were planted with contact lenses, while others were educated to safeguard their eyes. For these clinics the Organization used the service of highly qualified Optometrists.


Donating Equipment for disabled Person

During the 30 year ethnic conflict many soldiers as well as civilians were disabled and most of them were in dire straits. Most of them were not financially in a position to buy their requirements to live their own. ISSO took steps to donate them with Contact lenses, Wheel Chairs, Crutches, Hearing aids and artificial Limbs for the needy. These items served them to live in the society as normal citizens without depending for their living. As these items were of a high standard will help them long period.


Educating people on Health and Nutrition

Programmes were held to educate the mothers of underprivileged families were supplied with nutritious food and their off newborn babies too were given milk foods. They were also educated how to feed their babies with nutritious food. Through this programme they will be able to produce a healthy generation for the future society.   It also helps to minimize problematic issues that could arise in the society.


Blood Donation Campaigns

The ISSO annually conducts Blood Donation Campaigns and collects blood for safe keeping and to be used at emergency situations. Our Organization considers this project as one that helps save lives of our own brothers and sisters who are on the verge of leaving this world. What a sacrifice is it to give life to a person who is really needs our services at critical times.


Donating drugs and equipment to Rural Hospitals

Most of our Rural Hospitals are lacking many essential needs. This puts the staff in to great difficulties. People living in these areas too are badly placed due to these shortages. Especially drugs and other equipment are not available cater to the patients of these area and they face many hardships. By donating the needs such as drugs and other necessary equipment to these hospitals will keep the staff and the patients happy.


Medical Clinics

ISSO hold Medical Clinics to treat people suffering with Diabetes, Blood Pressure, and Wheeze and also for virus fever, skin deceases and other minor ailments. After investigation people are treated and given and educate them on how to take precautions in the future. With ISSO conducting projects of this nature the people who visit these clinics learn a lot about their ailments.

Nutritious social care for pregnant mothers and infants

Our organization hopes to provide 01 Kg. of milk powder for the period of 05 years every month continuously on behalf of the newly born baby. Accordingly, this project will be enforced for 06 consecutive years for each and every family.

The main purpose of this social hospitality is to produce healthy and intelligent children to the society. In the first phase, 15,000 families will be chosen.

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