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The ISSO’s main theme is to expand relationships locally and internationally to serve humans and the society at large. With this intention our Organization has decided to offer memberships to foreign individuals and organizations to get enrolled with us. On receiving this membership you will get the opportunity of being a member for our welfare projects according to your choice. The system will also give the member or the Organization to donate for our projects. Those getting involved in these projects will have other benefits from ISSO when they tour country on holiday or for any other reason.

To get the membership of our Organization interested foreign individual or Organizations are requested to send in a duly filled application form which is attached here. When forwarding the Application it should be sent along with 60 US dollars as entry fee and a photograph of the individual or head of the Organization.



Benefits on offer for foreign members


A member visiting the island should inform our Organization of his arrival we undertake to arrange suitable accommodation facilities at lower rates.
During their visits we undertake to serve them with all needs for a comfortable stay in the island.
Our Organization also prepares travel arrangements for visitors to visit places of their liking at nominal rates.
The ISSO take measures to travel to places scenic beauty in our country along is with expert travel guides.
If any individual or an Organization is willing to invest in the island we are also help them with all necessary advice and guidance for same.
Any foreign individual or organization is willing to help our projects of our Organization a member gets the opportunity of becoming the negotiator for them.
Further details can be obtained by visiting our web site or by contacting us over the telephone.

The management of ISSO has decided to grant membership to locals who are keen on our projects too. (The member’s requests for benefits through this system will be decided by the Management Committee.) On receiving the local membership it will be of great importance for he/she to be part of projects and also get the opportunity receive other benefits from ISSO. Members are eligible to nominate persons to receive our benefits which will bring the member accolades from to enhance his reputation in the society.

When requesting for the local membership the applicant should fill the application form neatly and forward the same with an entry fee of Rs. 1750. An applicant should also attach photograph of he/she which will be used to for the Identity of ISSO. The entry fee received will be used for our projects that will be decided by the Management Committee of ISSO. The member or any other person/persons who are influenced by you make donations towards our projects will the chance of taking the leadership of our projects. The membership has to be renewed yearly by paying Rs. 1750.

Members who migrate for foreign jobs at times face unexpected difficulties while serving abroad. Persons facing difficulties in the form losing their jobs get stranded in those countries. The ISSO has launched a project to help them in whatever possible way and also to make arrangements to bring them back to Sri Lanka. This project will be conducted by ISSO in association with the Embassy Officials and Job Agents. The ISSO through this project hopes to find suitable employment for them with the consultation of above Official.

Person hoping to leave for foreign jobs should register themselves with our Organization before they leave the island.  When requesting for registration if it for Middle Eastern countries a registration fee of Rs. 3500 has to be deposited. Persons leaving for European countries have to deposit a sum of Rs. 3750 for registration with our Organization. Persons who register themselves with our Organization will be issued with an Identity card.

Once registered every person has to pay a membership fee of Rs.100 for which a receipt will be issued. If a person fails to pay the membership his membership will expire with immediate effect and also loses all benefits offered by the ISSO.

Our new scholarship project launched by us and named as Foster-parent donation project is a very valuable and important project. This project is implemented for the welfare and interest of the children who lost either both parents or one of parents who have economic difficulties to study and coming from low income families.

Can you measure the happiness you get by giving all your hardly earned money on a child, whom you have never known nor seen before and for whom you will spend your money to make the child a good citizen, intelligent and dedicated person in the society who values the humanity and fairness.

You may be an opportunist to become a foster-parent through our organization.

In order to become a foster parent all you have to do is to fill the relevant application form to get the membership by paying an annual membership fee of  Rs. 2750/= and up to date your membership once in two years by paying the relevant fee.

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