• International Social Service Organization

Our History


This was founded in the year 1991 as an ‘All Religious Friendship Foundation’ without any publicity served the public with many highly appreciable projects. The Foundation officials were engaged in these projects visited 12 Districts for welfare services. The projects carried out in these Districts were distribution of Spectacles, presenting Wheel chairs and Crutches to persons with physical disabilities. In addition necessary equipment’s needed for supply projects too were distributed among for people in rural areas.
Witnessing these meritorious services many rallied around our Organization. When these actions were given publicity through media local and foreign Philanthropists too joined hands with our Foundation. With the time passing our Organization got the opportunity of laying the foundation to work with foreign Organizations. This situation prompted us to rename the Organization as International Social Services Organization. Though the name changed Foundation continued to carry out the projects in the same manner. Soon after the name change the management took steps to register the Organization as a Charitable Organization by publishing it through a Gazette notification according to the laws of the country. There onwards too our Organization continued to be engaged in International inter Religious activities.

Soon afterwards our very first action was to stage a protest march against the destroying one of the world heritages the Bahmian Buddha Statue by the Afghanistan’s Talaiban Terrorist Organization. This protest was attended by all religious dignitaries, which was held on 25th of March 2001. After the protest a rally too was held at the Vihara Maha Devi Park to educate the public of the importance of safe Guarding Places of Historical values.

During the same period ISSO got involved in finding a solution to settle the Sinhala-Muslim clashes that took place in Mawanella.

The uprising that was to occur after the killing of few Muslims in clashes between Sinhala-Muslim in Wattegama at Kandy was averted with the intervention of our Organization. This action received many accolades from all quarters

When a decision was taken to cut down the highly respected ‘Bo Tree’ at Punchi Borella Junction a protest was organized by ISSO which brought good results.

A project to the value Rs. 2.5 million (US $ 23,149) was carried out successfully in Yakkalamulla, Galle District to drinking water supply project for under privileged people.

A water pump costing Rs. 3,65,000 (US $ 3,380) was donated to benefit 1800 people from the area of Beliatte on 19th January 2007.

ISSO played vital role when the Ministry of Social Services organized the historic programme named as ‘Visiting Relatives’ which was to Vakarai. This was organized to mark the capturing of the Vakarai an area in the Eastern Province which was under the command of from LTTE. This progamme was given wide publicity through Print and Electronic Media. Our Organization conducted many projects specially to rehabilitate the people of these areas. These rehabilitation projects included rebuilding of damaged houses, School Buildings and donating necessary equipment and other needs to school children inclusive clothing for them. In addition the people engaged in the Fishing industry were supplied with nets and other equipment needed to engage in their fishing activities. For these projects the Organization spent a colossal sum of Rs.25million (US $ 2,336,645). The ISSO paying tribute to Servicemen decided to donate many things to servicemen for their benefit. These projects helped 21,827 displaced persons who were housed at Vakarai Central College to get back to former places and live a normal life. This is something our ISSO can really be happy about.

Soon after the most disastrous ‘Tsunami’ that caused grave damage especially in the Southern part of Sri Lanka on 26th December 2004 ISSO took steps to distribute dry rations to 1800 effected families in the Galle district to the value of Rs.1.8million (US $ 16,982).

Appreciating young heroes


Eleven year old student from Pitabeddara, Matara who saved his mother from drowning when she fell in to a 40 feet well was honored for his bravery by ISSO. This youngster who saw mother fall in to the well has jumped in to the well fearlessly forgetting the danger to his life and has successful in bringing back his mother to safety. His heroic act highly appreciated and the ISSO in 03rd May 2007 a felicitated him at Issipatana Vidyalaya at a grand ceremony. It was the first time a young hero was honor for a great achievement which was followed by many other Organizations thereafter.

With actions of this nature ISSO was highly commended by the Society. This commendation gave the opportunity for our Organization to form three new sectors for our projects as follows;


Education and Cultural Projects



Social and Financial projects



Health Projects

Education and Cultural Projects

  • Covering all 24 Districts of the country 1000 school children from each district were distributed requirements to enhance their educational activities. In addition a further amount of 3.5 million (US $ 33,334) was spent to School children and their parents to develop their Education and Cultural skills.
  • On 26th of November 2003, ISSO donated School equipment to 4500 under privileged school children at a ceremony held at the Tyronne Fernando stadium, Moratuwa. On the same day a Electric organ worth RS. 27,000 was handed over to Nimali Chathurika a blind lass. In addition a further amount of Rs. 6.77million. (US $ 64,543)
  • In 2007 ISSO made a donation of Rs. 1.5million (US $ 13,889) worth of School equipment to 1000 students of under privileged families in Yakkalamulla and Habaraduwa.
  • In the year 2007 a Project was launched at the Beliatte, Bodhi Rukkharama temple 500 school children were given school equipment and also veterans in the field of were invited to address students in the streams of arts and science streams. A special part of this programme was the lectures delivered for Media men with a view to develop their skills on their professions. The amount involved for this project was Rs.7,50,000 (US $ 69,445).
  • In the year 2009 a package each worth Rs.2500 was distributed among 500 school children of War Heroes and children from poor families were distributed using                        1.25 million (US $ 11,062).
  • 2.5 million (US $ 21,930) was spent to distribute school equipment to children of Moratuwa, Thelawala, Ratmalana and Kesbewa. The package given to them had the value of Rs. 1500.
  • In the year 2010 In the presence of Ven. Kotugoda Dhammawas Thero 750 School going children were given their school needs at a simple ceremony at Buddhist Center, Moratuwa. The value of Rs.1.5 million (US $ 13,044).
  • In the year 2009 Five hundred school children of poor families from Anuradhapura district were handed over school books and other needs valued at Rs.7,50,000 (US $ 6,638).
  • In the year 2009 on a request made by Divisional Secretary, Moratuwa, ISSO donated 25 material iron boxes to the cricketers of Royal College, Panadura at a cost of Rs.500,000 (US $ 4,425).
  • In the year 2010 ISSO spending Rs.750,000 (US $ 6,522) donated school equipment to 500 children of under privileged families. This donation was conducted at the Elphinston Auditorium in Maradana.

Social and Financial Welfare Projects

  • Conducted a project to help the persons displaced due to the war, persons who are faced with difficulties due to various other calamities in finding employment and also guiding them for self- employment many lectures were held to educate this sector of people. Connected with project The ISSO also took steps to hold free eye clinics and after tests some were given spectacles and some were given advice by experts. Wheel Chairs, Artificial limbs and Crutches too were donated during this project.
  • In Galle District 150 Wheel Chairs and 150 Crutches for disabled persons were distributed in the year 2007 at a cost of Rs.700,000. (US $ 6,482)
  • Many Educational programmes too were conducted to educate the unemployed to start self -employment.
  • Fifteen percent of our country’s families minus permanent housing facilities in considering this issue The ISSO decided to launch a fund raising programme with a view to help build houses for the needy. This fund raising fund was named as the ‘Fund to donate financial assistance to build houses’. This function is governed according to the rules stipulated in the Inland Revenue Act, No. 10 of 2006.
  • Since the commencement of this project yearly 100 families were given financial assistance and later it was increased the number 300 per year and amount to was raise to Rs.400,000 (US $ 3,008).
  • In the year of 2012 Seven Hundred and fifty Elderly persons who partially blind in the Hambegamuwa village in Hambantota district were donated with spectacles which cost Rs. 1.8 million (US $ 14,098).
  • People of Kahawatte a village in the district of Ratnapura were living in fear due to mysterious murders that took place in the in 2012, 2013 and 2014. In association with the ‘Derana’ Media Organization conducted a ‘New Year Festival’ on April 14, 2014 with the aim of relieving their minds which were filled with fear haunting them for nearly three years.
  • On 03rd of April 2010 an Eye Clinic was held at the Buddhist Center, Moratuwa. At this Clinic ISSO also distributed 7000 spectacles and 1000 packages each valued at Rs. 1500 to School children of the area. The cost incurred for this stood at Rs. 15.5 million (US $ 1,347,827).

Health Projects

  • Donated surgical equipment to the National Hospital, Colombo on 19.11.2007 to the value of Rs.One Million (US $ 9,260).
  • A Water filter was donated to the Health Organization of Udugalmote village in Beliatta for the benefit of Pregnant Mothers of the area.
  • To supply drinking water for 1500 families of Beliatte a water pump costing Rs.750,000 (US $ 6,522) was donated.

A project to safeguard Human rights

ISSO arranged a programme to look for the Human rights of a community known as Gypsies whose grievances were never looked by Government or any other Organization.

This community comprising of 44 families are residing along the beach front from                   Lunawa, Moratuwa. Dry Rations, Wheel Chairs for disabled, Lamps, Cycles and other necessary equipment needed for cooking were distributed among these families on 12.08.2007 and 06.09.2007. In addition to these donations ISSO also took steps to get National Identity Cards for 260 persons from this community and also made arrangements to get them Birth Certificates and Police reports with the view of bringing them to the Society. A sum of                  Rs.1 million (US $ 9,260) was spent for this programme.

Details of a hidden group of people called as ‘Sea Veddahas’ living along the coastal area of Vakarai was found during the tour that was called ‘Visiting Relatives of Vakarai’ by the ISSO. Veteran Journalist Nuwan Gankande authored a book titled ‘Sea Vaddahs and Communities’ based on the lives of these people. During this ‘Visiting Relative of Vakarai’ programme donations were also made to the needy people of the area.

Programme to redevelop Tsunami effected Houses

The ‘Tsunami’ was the worst natural disaster that struck Sri Lanka on 26.12.2004 killing a large number of civilians and completely destroyed a large number of houses along the coastal belt sending thousands of residents out of their abodes. The Government too with foreign aid set out many programmes. Our Organization too undertook to build house for the effected people in addition to our usual programmes.

Progammes set foe War Heroes

  • Paris based Negombo Organization donation of Rs.30 million (US $ 2,970,250) was used to buy goods for the benefit of soldiers and was handed over to them.
  • In the year of 2008 for the first time a parade was conducted to Enhance the morale of the our Soldiers. The proceeds collected from this were Rs. 5 million (US $ 45,872) and it was handed over to Brig. Evans Chandrasekera at a ceremony held at the Kaduwela Divisional Secretariat.
  • The ISSO received a stock of goods to the value of Rs. 60 million (US $ 521,740) from Germany and it was distributed among soldiers and the people who faced difficulties at that time under advice of three Service Commanders and Inspector General of Police.

Other Welfare Activities

  • ISSO organized an All-night Pirith ceremony, an Arms Giving and distributed other needs for 200 Bhikkus at the Presidential Secretariat on 08.11. 2008.
  • On a request made to ISSO by the Minister in Charge of Nation Building Mr.Susantha Punchinilame 18 clocks for Trincomalee Government Ministries were donated. The value for them Rs. 360,000 (US $ 3,365).
  • In the year of 2010 to invoke blessings for the country and the people who underwent difficult times for nearly 30 year an all – night Pirith ceremony and an Arms Giving organized by the ISSO for 500 Bhikkus was held at the Mihintale Sacred City. Our Organization had to spend a sum of Rs. 750,000 (US $ 6,522) for same.
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