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Projects already completed

ISSO is proud to inform that it has actively engaged in serving especially the underprivileged families since inception three decades ago with many project that been completed up to date. The projects that completed by our Organization are as follows.

These projects include the projects that were completed in association with foreign Social Organizations.

  • The people who were displaced sue to floods in 2017 in the Matara district 500 families were donated with dry rations to value of Rs.4 million (US $ 26,315). The dry rations given to each family was worth Rs.8000.
  • In the years 2013 and 14 villagers of Kahawatte in the Ratnapura district were living fear due to mysterious murders that took place in the village. With a view to bring back peace and normalcy among these villagers ISSO in association with ‘Derana’ Media Organization conducted a Musical show to coincide with the Sinhalese New Year 0n 18. 04. 2014.
  • Seven hundred spectacles were distributed among the people of Hambegamuwa in Thanamalwila area in Hambantota District on 22.08 2012. The cost incurred for this project was Rs.1.8 million  (US $ 14,098).
  • Conducted an Eye Clinic at the Buddhist Center in Moratuwa on 03.04. 2010, at this clinic on the instructions of Veteran Optometrists 7000 spectacles were distributed among the needy. At the same venue 1000 school children from underprivileged families were donated with school needs valued at Rs.1500 each to enhance educational activities. The ISSO spent a sum of 15.5 million  (US $ 1,347,827).
  • A project was conducted in Moratuwa area to find employment for unemployed youth according to their educational qualifications.
  • ISSO completed a project to donate Contact lenses, Spectacles, Crutches, Artificial Limbs, Wheel Chairs to needy and also school needs for children.
  • The ISSO on 02.02. 2010 took steps open 17 branches offices in the Divisional Secretariat of Moratuwa. This was held at the ISSO headquarters in Moratuwa.
  • One thousand Montessori children in Beliatte Divisional Secretariat area were handed over their needs on 01.01. 2010. This project incurred an amount of Rs. 420,000 (US $ 3,652).
  • In Mawanella Town an Eye Clinic was held on 10.12.2009 and ISSO also took steps to distribute 1500 spectacles. Cost incurred was Rs.900, 000 (US $7,965).
  • ISSO presented 300 ‘Atapirikaras’ to be offered to Bhikkus who attended Religious Ceremony held at the Presidential Secretariat on 19.11.2009 at a cost of Rs. 250,000 (US $ 2,212).
  • One thousand five hundred Children of underprivileged families in Moratuwa, Borupane, Thelawala, Mount Lavinia and Ratmalana were donated with school needs at a cost of Rs.900,000 (US $ 7,964) on 05.11.2009.
  • During the Kataragama Festival in the year 2009 the ISSO for the benefit of devotees donated 38,000 drinking water bottles, 15,000 soft drink bottles, and 5000 packets of Noodles. This cost the Organization a sum of Rs. 2,036,000 (US $ 18,018).
  • A Religious ceremony and an arms giving was held on 12.07 2009 for five hundred Bhikkus at the Mihintalawa Sacred area. All 500 Bhikkus who participated were offered Atapirika. This project cost the ISSO Rs.300,000 (US $ 2,655).
  • At the foot Ruwanweliseya 1000 school children were handed their school needs and also distributed 200 Sarongs to elderly person of the area on 17.04.2009 with a cost of Rs.500,000 (US $ 4,425) on 16.04.2009.
  • At a cost of Rs. 675,000 (US $ 5,973) school needs were distributed among 750 children of Kalutara district on 08.03.2009.
  • With the intention raising the morale and for the welfare of our Service men a walk was organized. The proceeds that were collected from this walk amounted to                                                  5 million (US $ 45,872) which was handed over Director of the Sri Lanka Army Welfare Officer Brig. Evans Chandrasekera on 10.08. 2008.
  • The Paris based Sri Lankan Organization named as ‘Negombo Organization’ with a view to enhance the morale of our Armed Forces Personnel donated equipment to the value of                         30 million (US $ 2,970,250) on 12.08. 2008.
  • On 09.01.2008 our Organization distributed School books and other needs among 600 children of Udumalmotegama at Bodhirukkara temple, Beliatte Town in Hambantotoa District. For this project ISSO has spent a sum of Rs. 540,000 (US $ 4,954).
  • Soon after the most disastrous ‘Tsunami’ that caused grave damage especially in the Southern part of Sri Lanka on 26th December 2004 ISSO took steps to distribute dry rations to 1800 effected families in the Galle district to the value of Rs.1.8million (US $ 16,982).

Project to Visit Relatives in Vakarai

In association and guidance with Ministry of Social Services ISSO was able to initiate a massive and a historic project with the participation and co-operation of all communities. Under this project ISSO visited Vakarai soon after the area was relieved of terrorist threat to by Sri Lanka Forces. This visit took place on 19th of January 2007. During this tour our Organization made arrangements to rehabilitate damaged house and undertook to build houses for displaced people of the area. In addition to these projects School school needs to school other important material to school going children of the Vakarai. When ISSO made this visit to Vakarai the Organization also did not forget to the fisheries community and handed fishing nets and other requirements for them continue with their profession. The farming community was given their requirement by way of handing them with all necessary agricultural equipment to start their farming activities. ISSO also made arrangements to supply the people with most important needs like with food and drinking water. All these projects were made to help a crowd of 21,827 displaced persons who were housed at Vakarai Central College. During this period ISSO also helped in numerous ways to the soldiers who were engaged in maintaining peace in the North. For these projects the Organization spent a colossal sum of Rs.25milli (US $ 2,336,645).

  • Under the project to offer scholarships to needy the ISSO selected children from all districts and handed them with necessary books, other school needs and School bags.
  • Our Organization also has commenced a project to 300 build houses per year.
  • The ISSO also introduced a project to grant necessary equipment to people who are talented in various fields according to their needs with a view to expand their knowledge and improve the living standards.
  • Implemented a project for People to find accommodation, find employment and also to encourage them to engage in self – employment who were displaced due to ethnic war, natural disasters and other criminal offences.
  • A project was started to donate Artificial Limbs, Wheel Chairs and Crutches to disabled persons throughout the Island.
  • Hearing Aids ad Spectacles were distributed under a project covering all districts of the country.
  • With the aim of building well-disciplined society many Religious educational projects were organized by ISSO.
  • Through many Welfare projects our war heroes and their families scattered all over the country were donated with requirements to the value of Rs. 30 million (US $ 275,229)
  • Eleven year old Priyankara Madaraisnghe was felicitated for his bravery when he jumped in to the well forgetting his own life to save his mother’s life when she feel in to a deep well.
  • The ISSO conducted a project at the Tyronne Fernando Stadium on 26.11.2003 distribute schools books and other needs to 4500 students. During this project an Organ to the value of Rs. 27,000 too was handed over to Nimali Chathurngi the Blind lass from Moratuwa.. In addition a further amount of Rs. 6.77million. (US $ 64,543).
  • Surgical equipment valued at Rs.1,000,000 (US $ 9,259) was handed over to the Tangalle Hospital.

A project was launched to help Community known as ‘Gypsies’ who have no permanent abode and continue with their lives by moving from place to place. At present 44 families of this community are living in the vicinity of Lunawa and Moratuwa coastal area. Under this project they given dry rations and necessary equipment needed for their day to day life. The ISSO also took steps to Get Birth Certificates for 262 person and made

  • A project was launched to help Community known as ‘Gypsies’ who have no permanent abode and continue with their lives by moving from place to place. At present 44 families of this community are living in the vicinity of Lunawa and Moratuwa coastal area. Under this project they given dry rations and necessary equipment needed for their day to day life. The ISSO also took steps to Get Birth Certificates for 262 person and made arrangements for them to get National Identity Cards and Police reports with the aim of bringing them to the society. For project the Organization worked along with the Social Services and Welfare Department.
  • Goods to the value of Rs.60 million (US $ 521,740) was brought from Germany and distributed among soldiers and poverty stricken families. When distributing the goods to Soldiers and Police Personnel Chiefs of Armed Services and the IGP were consulted for guidance.
  • On a request made by the Minister for Nation Building, Susantha Punchinilame 300 clocks were handed over to Government Institutes in Trincomalee by ISSO. The value for them were Rs.360,000 (US $ 3,365)
  • Cricketer of Royal College, Panadura were presented with 25 iron boxes for them to carry their cricketing gear. It costs the ISSO Rs. 500,000 (US $ 4,425).
  • The in Afghanistan’s terrorist Group ‘Talaiban’ act of destroying the historical Buddha statues on 25.03. 2001 caught the attention of all countries in the world. The ISSO organized protest was held in Colombo with the participation of all religious dignitaries in Sri Lanka. This was held at the Vihara Maha Devi Park.
  • Our Organization played a vital role in halting the removal of the historic Bo Tree at the Punchi Borella Junction by certain group of people. Our opposition to this brought good results and we managed to develop the premises in an attractive manner which is appreciated by all.
  • Due to the gruesome murders of Muslims that took place in Wattegama, Kandy in 2001 people in this area lived in fear of their lives too. To bring this Sinhala- Muslim conflict to an end ISSO intervened at its best to settle the issue and allow people to live peacefully.
  • Our Organization proudly announces that the Mawanella, Sinhala-Muslim clash which erupted in 2001 too was brought to normalcy with the Intervention of ISSO. Our Organization was able to unite the two parties that were engaged in this conflict.

Vakarai Projects

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