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Social Services

Housing Projects

In Sri Lanka majority of people spend their normal lives through their day to day earnings. Their foremost dream for them is to build house for them. But the difficult financial background and the current situation hinders them from fulfilling their dream. Our Organization’s motive is to help find land for them and build a shelter over their heads. With this intention ISSO has come forward with a housing project which will benefit 1000 families.

Distribution of Dry Rations

At present our country is faced with many hazards due to Natural disorders. Due to these hazards people from various parts are facing many hardships. Considering their difficulties ISSO commenced a project to help these people distributing dry rations among 1800 families affected by these calamities. Our Organization is planning to distribute bags of dry rations each to the value of Rs. 15,000. This project is to benefit around 25,000 families in the future.

Guiding personnel for Self Employment

The intention of this project is to help the people who were disabled due to ethnic conflict, Natural disasters and criminal acts to be self – employed. Guidance will be provided for self -employment through this programme. This will also be highly benefit for them improve their living standards while uplifting their income. This project while giving the guidance for self – employment ISSO will also supply the necessary material to start their self – employment.

Offering Employment

Unemployment is one of the major issues that faced by the younger generation of today. The ISSO is taking it utmost to find suitable employment for them in Government Institutes, Private Sector Institutions and also Foreign Employment opportunities. In addition to these the Organization has also taken steps to find employment for those affected by the ethnic conflict. This project is sure to uplift their living standards.


Advisory Services

At present the conflicts that we hear are caused mainly due to family disputes which has brought many unwarranted issues to people’s normal lives. These have affected the society at large and also brought the cultural values to low levels. To bring peace and unity and to minimize them ISSO is conducting Advisory Service. This project while sorting many of these issues also help with legal advice to the people to rectify their difficulties.


Emergency Services

Sri Lanka is liable to face natural disaster in the future though the country has not faced many disasters in the past. These disasters are liable to bring down the financial status of people causing them severe hardships. To overcome this situations these difficulties faced by the people of this country the ISSO was able to donate dry rations, built houses to relocate the displaced persons, to find employment for the needy and also to helped people to start self -employment in various fields. Financial assistance too was granted to them by the ISSO. It also took steps to conduct Medical Clinics with the aim of minimizing the spread of deceases.


Returning those who were stranded overseas

Many Sri Lankans migrate to foreign countries in search employment seeking to uplift their living standards. Some of these migrant workers face hardships and get displaced and finances even to return. When they are not in a position to return and stranded in foreign soil the ISSO do yeoman service to bring them back to Sri Lanka. We are proud to say this was done with the co-ordination with the Government and has been able to bring many of them back to Sri Lanka.

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